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PBX Steel Buildings

Cold Formed Steel Buildings that are Fast, Easy and Final

  • Ease, Options and Efficiency – Our software does the complete design and pricing, making your building very efficient and economical.
  • Express Engineering – Ready to build!

  • PBX Steel Building builds steel structures to meet our customer’s needs and expectations – We provide all the engineering, design and fabrication materials exactly to your needs.

The PBX Steel Buildings Advantage

  • An economical option for more space
  • Half the weight of conventional construction – double the strength!
  • Custom built to your requirements, detailed to your needs
  • Express engineering and fabrication, delivered in weeks
  • Exceptional customer service and builder back-up
  • Step-by-step instruction for the home builder and Contractor
  • Dealership opportunities, and certified builder programs
  • Certified quality from the largest metal building manufacturer in the Northwest.
  • Quality and assurance
  • On time and on budget every time!
  • No surpises – your building meets your needs
  • what you want is what we build, exact and specific

gambrel buildingWhy Choose Cold-Formed Steel?

• Steel does not promote mold and mildew, which means minimal maintenance.

• Steel has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all building materials.

• Steel can work well on its own or in combination with other materials.

• Steel framing connections are much stronger than wood connections.

• Steel is non-combustible.

• Cold-Formed frame members provide a versatile and strong primary frame section while allowing for light weight and ease in handling and construction. All members are G-90 Galvanized to last a Lifetime!

• All roof and wall paneling is painted for durability and aesthetics

• We understand “If you’re going to build, build it to last!”

Fast and Easy help in the construction of your PBX building

  • Fully engineered structural drawings
  • Foundation engineering for concrete slab/pier construction
  • Complete, delivered Building System
  • Step-by-step assembly procedures and instructions



We can also build airplane hangars and many types of storage facilities. When structures like airplane hangars require a span that exceeds the capabilities of an PBX building, we refer it to our sister company, Pacific Building Systems, which has extensive experience in building large hangars.